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There is a certain level of maturity when it comes to Mera Rab Waris’ narrative. Jahanzeb Qamar has written an intelligent story which has been well executed by the director Asad Jabal without any exaggeration. While the story has highs and lows it keeps the drama sensible and relatable.

Shamoon Abbasi Clarifies Humaima Malik’s Domestic Abuse Revelations

While we are seeing red flags for Aisha the storm is some what still suppressed. Nimra though overhearing Faizan’s conversation with his mother, handles the issue with composure and maturity. The transformation in Nimra and the wisdom that is being seen in her is heartening. Due to her positive approach she gets the answer to her confusion and is satisfied to an extent to be happy with Faizi.

Ayla hasn’t give up on Haris and it seems that we won’t be seeing the last of her soon anytime soon. Aisha continues to win us over with her wisdom and positivity. Her reaction after finding the ring in Haris’ coat was heartening and made us wish that she doesn’t get hurt. While this episode went on without any major incident, the upcoming episode will wreck havoc between Aisha and Haris courtesy Ayla.

All the actors are convincing in the roles and it is sometimes very hard to choose a favorite. Madiha Imam continues to make us fall in love with Aisha and Shameen Khan’s convincing negative role makes us hate Ayla. The dialogues of the drama without doubt are the best thing about the drama and I look forward to the conversation between the characters.

Mahira Khan & Bilal Ashraf’s Galat Fehmi is Heartbreaking

In this episode without doubt the scene between Faizi and Nimra won me over. Their exchange and approach to resolving conflict was amazing. In fact it got resolved before even becoming a conflict which is great.That scene was the best one of the entire episode.

The way Mera Rab Waris is progressing and the pace it has managed to maintain,the drama is a complete package and a must watch.

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