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After the heated argument between Kinza and Nimra, this episode began on a very good note. The way the narrative is progressing there is hope for the newly weds however those around them can ruin their shot at happiness. The conversation between Nimra and Faizan was very heartening and they shared an adorable moment as well.

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Haris’ attention to Ayla is a continuous botheration for Aisha and considering Ayla’s intentions her worry is valid. Even though Haris is sincere to Aisha, there are warning signs of her position getting weak in the house with the imminent threat from Mazhar who has let Kinza in of his secret knowledge that he is holding over Aisha and Faizi.

Though Faizi is being sincere however he has a hard time hiding the tension being around Aisha. The scene at the dining table was one such example that got Haris’ attention as well. Mirza Zain Baig is impressive in Faizan’s role. The tension and discomfort that he is facing has been shown with his expressions.

The episode focused mostly on Faizan and Nimra, while Mirza Zain Baig was impressive, Anamta Qureshi is a sweet depiction of Nimra as well. It was fun to watch these two together on screen as they share great chemistry. Their bond seems to be developing, however there are some foreseen hurdles that can wreck this.

The episode was beautifully shot as well. One scene that was very admirable was when Faizi spots Haris and Ayla together at the flower shop the camera angle was very interesting. The pacing of this episode was also crisp and the story was taken forward decently by the director. As always the conversations between the characters and the dialogues stood out. The conversation though at times basic have some depth and are meaningful.

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Mera Rab Waris keeps us engaged throughout the episode and keeps us intrigued about what is yet to come. After tonight’s episode it seems that the drama is headed in a direction that indicates trouble for Aisha and Nimra.

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