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The most recent episode did what was anticipated. Everyone gets under Aisha’s skin. So far the drama had gone conflict free so a conflict was bound to happen. It was good that it wasn’t escalated much. It was rather refreshing to see that the protagonists manage to resolve their conflict like mature adults instead of resorting to fighting and yelling.

Mera Rab Waris Ep 25 Madiha Imam Exceptional as Aisha

The aspect in which Mera Rab Waris stands out the most in is it beautifully written dialogues. They are are so meaningful and carry an impact on the story. The story is being taken forward nicely by the director and the actors make this drama worth our time.

Last night’s episode didn’t take the story that much forward however it exhibited the current state of all character due to the events in their lives. Nimra (Anumta Qureshi) and Faizi (Mirza Zain Baig) are married however his decision is haunting him,and a lot of focus was on Faizi’s conflicted state. That scene was visually grand and the way the camera moves along with Faizi made the scene more impactful.

Mirza Zain Baig continue to be impressive as Faizan and the way he has exhibited the emotions in his conflicted state in this episode, he came out as the best performer of the episode.

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The focus of this episode was mostly on the newly weds, while it was heartening to see Nimra take a stand for her husband, she is extremely naive for not knowing the truth. Here is to hoping that Faizan accepts her as his wife which he is having a hard time doing at the moment.

Ayla continues her attempts to draw Haris towards her however it isn’t working so far. Mazhar continues to seed doubts in Kinza’s mind as well. His conspiracies will to unveiling the truth which will actually be partially true but this revelation in the end will further prove Mazhar right and create issues in Aisha’s house.

The drama is gearing up to get wrapped into more conspiracies and drama. Lets just hope the narrative maintains the same pace and quality which made us love it up until now.

What did you think of the episode?

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