Another entertaining and eventful episode with a hint of conspiracy in the making. While Ayla is attempting to trap Haris in name of friendship, Mazhar is conspiring something against Aisha. Upon finding out who Faizan really is he is conjuring up some scheme.

Mera Rab Waris Ep 23: Beautiful Dialogues & Powerful Performances

The director maintained a good pace of the episode and the episode did not have any dull moments either. The overall aesthetics of the shots are beautiful too. The entire episode was eventful, as always all actors gave solid performances and the dialogues were beautiful.

Danish Taimoor as Haris in Mera Rab Waris

Aisha remained at the heart of the story in this episode as well. Not only is her character pure at heart, she has the strength to peak up for herself and condemn something she finds wrong. Like she does with Mazhar and later with her mother in law. What is admirable about her is the calm and composure she manages to maintain.

Though upset at Mazhar’s cheap attempt she knows better than to discuss it with the house’s maid who projects herself as a well wisher. She even decides to let it go for the sake of maintaining a good environment at home.

Madiha Imam as Aisha in Mera Rab Waris

Besides Madiha Imam, Mirza Zain Baig also stood out as Faizan although his presence in this episode was limited compared to the previous one. Danish and Madiha’s on-screen chemistry is also brilliant and keeps us hooked to the drama.

Besides Nimra and Faizan’s wedding, the new development in the story is what is very troublesome for Aisha. This episode highlighted the calm before the storm which will not only create a rift between Aisha and Haris but also endanger their marriage.

The episode only teased at what is about to come, and we are curious to see what happens. Whether Aisha will be able to brave the storm and come out stronger? Or will she fail at the hands of her enemies? Only time will tell.


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