Last night’s episode was by far one of the best one in the drama. Aisha manages to convince Faizan to marry Nimra. Her request means the world to him and he couldn’t say no. The exchange between the two is absolutely beautiful. The dialogues given to both are so apt in terms of their situation.

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Haris’s mother manages to get under his skin every now and then, however every time Aisha manages to remove his doubts. This episode once again reflected the intensity of Faizan’s love for Aisha. This is also troublesome as well, since his decision to marry Nimra is solely because of her and not his own will.

If things go South between them, it would create problems for Aisha and Haris’s married life. Nimra’s transition because of Aisha is also very heartening. Her thought process has also evolved and she has shown a lot of maturity in Faizan’s case as well. The positive change in Nimra makes us root for her and Faizan to work things out.

The director Asad Jabal maintained a good flow of the episode and the narrative saw good progress. Not a single scene was dragged or exaggerated. The exchange between all characters is wise and mature. The dialogues are what stood out the most in this episode. Jahanzeb Qamar has not only created beautiful characters but also crafted and given them beautiful words.

The narrative is sweet and simple. It is heartening to watch this drama.Aisha always knows the right thing to say, her positivity and thoughts are what makes Aisha such a beautiful character.Her faith in Allah has been shown to be so strong and the basis of everything she does. Haris and Aisha’s love and chemistry is also very beautiful. Despite Ayla’s continuous efforts their bond is still strong.

Faizan’s love is known to only his mother and their talks are always a treat to watch. His mother thinks it to be unfair that Aisha’s persuasion has led him to say yes for Nimra. As a mother she can feel his pain, and wishes the best for him. Faizan has also changed his attitude towards Nimra because of Aisha. We just hope he also has a change of heart and he sees Nimra for who she truly is, in order to accept her.

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So far matters have been going smoothly and in favor of Aisha, so we are fretting the moment things go horribly wrong. Then again Mera Rab Waris has proven to be a unique drama so far so who is to say that the drama might not have any major drama or incident happen to Aisha. Only time will tell. Over all the episode was a complete winner and it had not a single dull moment throughout.


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