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This episode of Mera Rab Waris revolved around establishing Aisha and Haris’s unconditional love for each other. A series of adorable scenes unfold showing us that Haris is an ideal husband who listens to Aisha and stands by her.

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Aisha in return has a positive impact on Haris as well as he starts to become more religious. The episode was a little dragged as it gradually built up the two characters’ feelings for each other but perhaps that was necessary. Both Danish Taimoor and Madiha Imam suit their characters and their performance is subtle and convincing.

Haris’s mother and sister are cynical of Aisha and matters turn worse when Haris fights with his sister for Aisha. This is where the story arc becomes a little typical as Haris’s sister woes to take revenge on Aisha and plans an outing with Haris and his old friend who is in love with him.

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Although her conspiracy does not bear any major fruit as yet however her persistent efforts will start to gradually have an effect. In addition, at the end of the episode, it appears all hell is going to break lose as Haris’s mother receives a video of Aisha uploaded on net by a male with a controversial caption claiming that Aisha broke her previous lover’s heart and is now married to someone else.

It appears this advancement will imminently have an effect on Aisha’s life and she will became the victim of character assassination. Although Haris has blind faith in Aisha however his love is going to be put to test now.

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The drama is overall lighthearted and not too complex. It is generally being liked. The conflict of the drama has been built and is ready to take its toil on the couple. The highlight of this episode was Madiha Imam who continues to impress us with her performance while Danish Taimoor also compliments her.

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