Mera Rab Waris

Mera Rab Waris has quickly proved itself within a short span of time. The drama has created buzz and rakes at top on Thursdays as per EPk experts. The drama is only at its 3rd episode yet and has managed to garner love. The leading pair is being played by the very charming Danish Taimoor and the adorable Madiha Imam.

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We previously saw Haris and his family come to Ayesha’s house for her proposal but they soon find out that Ayesha chooses to wear a burqa. When they meet her, they are immediately shocked and it is obvious how judgmental they are.

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Ayesha on the other hand instantly falls in love with Haris. The promo of the next episode shows that Haris’s family does not agree on this proposal as they consider Ayesha backward and too conservative.

Ayesha is saddened to hear this and we see her repent her growing feelings for Haris. The naive and innocent Ayesha instantly blames herself for developing feelings for a man and seeks God’s forgiveness. She apparently believes that it was due to her folly that her heart has broken now.

The storyline is definitely very different and intriguing. It will be interesting to see how Ayesha’s wish will eventually come true and how Haris will evetually fall in love with her.

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While Haris’s mother is keen about marrying Haris to a modern girl and we see her considering Haris’s close friend for him, the love story that will unfold between the two is surely going to be unique and interesting. While Ayesha is a religious girl, Haris is appears to be a spoilt brat. The pairing is unconventional and we are curious to see which character may have an affect on the other.

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