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Although last night’s episode took off at a very light note the happiness was short lived.The threat that we had been fretting over in Mera Rab Waris finally occurred and it has wreck havoc in Aisha’s life.The entire episode was based on this one incident and the end result was heartbreaking.

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Mera Rab Waris without doubt is one of my favorites from the week. The story has been brilliantly written and it has been just as well executed by the cast under the vision of the director. ‘The drama has managed to maintain a great pace and the latest development in the plot is surely one we were not anticipating until the last episode.

While all the incidents had been indicating that Aisha will be wrongly accused with Faizan. However before that could happen Ayla swooped in unexpectedly and turned things around. Ayla has played her final trick and it has worked out just the way she wanted. The rift that she has created has left a deep impact and drifted Haris and Aisha apart.

The whole sequence where Aisha confronts Haris was brilliantly executed, The dialogues, body language and the intensity was so convincing. Their exchange was valid and the way both reacted was realistic. While this conflict was long time coming it will be interesting to see whether Aisha and Faizan equation is used to add fuel to the fire. More importantly when all the shots have been fired, how will the two reconcile. This is what will push me to go back to the drama next week.

With 29 episodes in, it seems that the drama is heading for its conclusion. What is about to come next is something to look forward to. Mera Rab Waris keep winning hearts with the beautiful characterization of Aisha, the interesting script and crisp pace of every episode. The dialogues are what draw us in and the execution is what makes it whole.

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