Critic Rating

Written by: Sameena Aijaz

Directed by: Zeeshan Ahmed

Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

This episode started with a lot of chauvinism by Waleed (Ali Abbas) and he brutally beat up Roohi (Hira Salman). As a result, she left the home and moved to Dar-ul-Amaan along with Tabeer (Injeel). Luckily, she meets a kind lady who has given her a job of supervisor in the center of Dar-ul-Amaan where the residents work. On the other hand, Waleed is alone at home, missing Tabeer. Shafeeq (Aly Khan) has claimed before Roohi to be the father of Tabeer. Now Waleed has developed a sheer misunderstanding that Roohi is bad-character and Tabeer is not his daughter.

However, Roohi has taken a firm and bold stand for the sake of Tabeer despite all odds. She will bear any oppression against herself but for Tabeer, she can go to any length. That is why she took Tabeer and left the home all alone. On the other hand, Shafeeq is also upset about where Roohi can go with Tabeer. His belief deep down in the heart of being the father of Tabeer has created all the troubles between the couple.

Waleed is so stupid and chauvinist that he has destroyed his marital life and home just because of a misapprehension. He has believed that Shafeeq is the father of Tabeer. Instead of trying to clear the misunderstanding, he started taking Roohi is a bad-character woman. He just wanted to satisfy his male ego. He never thought of saving his marital life for just a single moment and insulted his own relationship and child. While the DNA test of Tabeer is a simple way out.

Why Roohi did not slap on him in return? Or she could also file a report against his violence like the Tabassum of Zun Mureed. She just packed her bag and left the home. Roohi must have taught a lesson to the beasty Waleed, who was going to kill her, before leaving the home but she couldn’t. This typical victimized mentality of women and girls is a characteristic of Geo TV dramas.

Talking about the story and script by Sameena Aijaz, it is a tale of domestic violence where the husband has doubts about the character of the wife. And these doubts came to his mind all of a sudden. Earlier, things were going normal, then came a third person between the couple. Even Waleed did not bother to pay attention to the advice of Iqra. He left Roohi and Tabeer alone in the world which is very painful for Tabeer especially. She is very much attached to Waleed and can’t live without him. Her school and studies are also on the stake.

Zeeshan Ahmed was good in handling cinematography and lighting, however, continuity was a careless affair in this episode. Not too many changes and advancement were in the story there. Tabeer has gone sick due to leaving home and father which is a new trouble for Roohi. Let’s see what comes up next.


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