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Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones starrer Men In Black was a major success back in the day, so when news about another sequel came, it was certainly exciting. To our dismay the dynamic duo was not going to be in the movie this time around, instead our favorite superhero Chris Hemsworth and action hero Liam Neeson along with Tessa Thompson took the reigns. The cast seemed appealing and hence something to look forward to.

Men in Black: international, new guys same suit!

The film turned out to be a major disappointment unfortunately.The plot of the film is that Molly (Tess Thompson) searches for Men In Black after having an encounter with them as a child. Upon finding them she joins the agency and is sent over to the London branch to investigate a series of alien attacks. Resultantly they find out that there may be a mole within the Men In Black.

Tessa Thompson & Chris Hemsworth

The new installment is directed by F.F.Gary who fails to carry the film well. This installment of the franchise introduces the idea of peace between humans and aliens, however the idea gets lost during the movie.Tessa and Chris have worked together in Thor, and they share a great on screen chemistry as the main duo of the film in this one as well.

The film is a sequel of a very old Sci-Fi secret services agents movie which doesn’t offer much that is new. The world of Men In Black had already been established so the movie does not waste time re-introducing it, but it does build up on it.

Tessa Thompson & Chris Hemsworth

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The script is bland and so are the villains. They may posses cool powers but their motives are just derivatives much like their characters. The film lacks emotions and good quality CGI. The film fails to impress as the original movie’s quick wit and sass is majorly missing in the movie as well. The movie is known for it comic angle but this one fails to live up to the comedic expectations as well.

Over the years there have been sequels and reboots where the torch has been passed on to new actors. One successful example is the Star Wars franchise. In case of Men In Black, the film had a lot of room for new characters however in the latest outing one cannot help but think wearing black suits and black glasses doesn’t make you Men In Black!


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