Sony Pictures released the new Men in Black international’s trailer and it has Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones missing!

While we were sad to see them replaced, the replacements are thankfully a good choice. The Taken star Liam Neeson  and everyone’s favorite superhero with a hammer, Chris Hemsworth are the new dynamic duo. The trailer declares that the universe is expanding, and looks like the Men in Black team is as well. Tessa Thompson will also be joining the squad.

Beside the super cool gadgets, the suits, the shades and of course Chris Hemsworth, what really caught our attention was Fergie’s  legendary song “London Bridge” playing in the background.

The agents are seen fighting strange looking aliens. Directed by F. Gary Gray, the theme of the movies looks pretty much the same, it could be termed as Men in Black the London chapter as the film is all about the threat in London.  From the looks of it the action, Sci-fi, comedy combination will be extremely enjoyable with great visuals .The movies hits the theaters in Summer 2019.


Check out the trailer over here:


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