There are some personalities who are admired  and remembered even years after their passing. One such legendary personality who departed 18 years ago on 23 December 2000 was Madam Noor Jahan. She dominated the film industry in sub-continent with her soulful voice and remarkable acting.

The icon was titled  “the Queen of Melody” . Her talent was admired and recognized worldwide. Her demise left a void in the industry that is irreplaceable. We would like to pay tribute to her in this week’s melodious Monday!

Below are some of the most beautiful melody sung by her!



The song Chalo Acha huwa was featured in Lakhon Main Aik which was released in 1967. Listen to the song with the original video below.



Sanu Nehar Walay Pul Tay Bula Kay to this date remains one of the most iconic classics out there. The films that she starred in were major hits. Some of her iconic works include Anarkali, Zeenat, Chan Wey , Doppatta, Jugnu, Intezar and many more.



There are so many beautiful songs sung by this legend and no matter how many we share it would not be enough.Not only was Madam Noor Jahan known for her acting and singing, she was also a style icon adorning gorgeous saris and choker necklaces in her later years.   “Gaaye ge dunya geet meray” has actually turned out to be true.



The beloved artist was like no other! No amount of praise is sufficient. We would love to hear your favorites of Noor Jahan as well.

*Disclaimer: This article is solely written for the purpose of paying tribute. The song selected are editor’s choice.

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