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Last night’s episode left us hanging while deciding the fate of Saira (Sanam Jung). Nain’s (Zahid Ahmed) ambitious effort to pursue her right after Nehat (Affan Waheed) is rather unsettling for the family. This is instantly followed by negativity and character assassination from her step mother and grandmother.The sins of her mother are being used as a weapon against Saira. This portrays the typical mindset of households that often ruin the peace of families.

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Affan Waheed’s depiction of a man failing in love is apt.His presence was limited in the episode however enough to highlight his state. Director Furqan Khan ensured that the episode maintained a good pace with admirable performances by all cast members. The inclusion of all characters evenly was also a good thing for keeping the episode engaging. They are all linked to a common issue and their simultaneous depiction of processing their respective outcome is commendable.

The episode further explored the relationship of Saira with her father, who at first seemed to be less discerning in her regard, however now seems equally concerned about both his daughters. The exchange between Saira and her father was one of the best scenes of the episode followed by Saira and Kiran’s talk which was also impactful. Komal Aziz as Kiran add lightness and flavor of mischief to the drama. Her presence is pleasant and in fact her characterization is also not that of a typical step sister, which is heartening.

The episode on the whole kept us on our toes as the family decides the fate of Saira. The dialogues were basic for the most part, however they were profound. The episode dug deeper into Saira’s character as well. She is shown to be more clear on what she wants and her confidence is admirable. Sanam Jung has done a good job reflecting the tension on her ongoing test as her fate hangs in the balance. There wasn’t much development in terms of the narrative however that is expected owing to the nature of the events happening in the drama. The episode pretty much explored the reaction of Nain’s shocking proposal.

So far in four episodes the drama seems to be building up for what is yet to come . Affan’s character is a rare sighting at the moment however Nehat will be the one wrecking havoc in Saira’s life. The drama has laid basis for this and it will be interesting to see the events that lead up to this.

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