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Furqan Khan directed Mein Na Janoo aired its third episode at HUM TV. Drama which had gotten a bit slow in previous episode picked its pace in this episode. This episode featured some really strong performances along with very some really strong content.

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This episode was quite happening as director Furqan Khan crafted the scenes really well keeping you hooked to screens throughout the episode. Pacing along with the editing was really good. Story did take some unexpected turns especially the way Waseem Abbas stood for Sanam Jung was quite unforeseen.

Noora Makhdoom has done a very good job with the writing as not only are the dialogues strong, emotional and convincing rather the episode had very strong and smooth pace. The story kicked off with Nehat (Affan Waheed) fighting for Saira(Sanam Jung) and at the same time we saw composure in the expressions of Nain (Zahid Ahmed) who is insanely in love with Saira. The whole sequence where everyone was accusing Saira was quite well shot and written. It did consist of unexpected behavior of Waseem Abbas who played father of Saira.

This episode featured very strong performances of the whole cast. Sanam Jung was exceptional in the emotional scenes whereas Affan Waheed is in never seen before avatar and he is doing really well. Zahid Ahmed’s calmness and equilibrium was spectacular too. Among senior cast members Sangeeta was commanding whereas Waseem Abbas gave a very strong performance. This episode saw every cast member performing to their best. Director Furqan Khan gave proper screen space to everyone and Noora Makhdoom wrote very persuading dialogues for everyone.

The best scene of the episode was without doubt the whole sequence at Sanam Jung’s house where she was accused. Sanam Jung’s performance was really strong. That scene was very beautifully executed as it kept you on your toes especially the way Waseem Abbas reacted in the situation was quite unexpected.

As the episode concludes we are now looking forward toward Zahid Ahmed bringing his proposal for Sanam Jung in next episode. It will be one of its kind that a blind guy will be taking his own proposal. At the same time frustration of Affan Waheed is at peak and it will be quite absorbing to see how he reacts in next episode. Sanam Jung who is being thrashed by whole family from first episode did get some kind of support from his father in third episode but the next one will be having even bigger test for her.

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Overall, the third episode was strong, engrossing and featured some very strong emotional sequences. The drama is in its initial stages and has gotten some strong potential and we hope that it keeps getting better in coming episodes.


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  1. Farheen August 5, 2019

    Very well written review. Thank you so much .