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Sanam Jung, Affan Waheed and Zahid Ahmad starrer Mein Na Janoo aired its second episode on HUM TV on Tuesday. Directed by Furqan Khan it was quite a slow episode without any major event happening. At some places scenes were extended and over dosed with highly intense dialogues.

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Dialogues of the episode were quite good but the whole episode was just way too intense. It didn’t have to be that intense. Every scene was full of heavy dose of dialogues and every character has been shown way too serious.

Furqan Khan had taken a good start in first episode where despite the heavy dialogues we saw good development in the story while keeping the suspense. Also Kiran played by Komal Aziz Khan had brought a very light feel to the first episode but her presence was missed in the second episode. Furthermore, these wasn’t much of the plot development which made the episode slow.

Actors did try to put in good efforts but so far it seems routine performances by lead stars like Sanam Jung and Affan Waheed. Zahid Ahmed playing blind man did well but wasn’t too convincing. Senior members gave better performances especially Sangeeta. For me the best performance for this episode was Sangeeta again who is pulling off her character with command and authority.

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This episode had array of potent scenes but at some points those scenes got dragged. Overall it was a slow paced episode with heavy dose of intense dialogues. Drama need to get a big light and it also needs to pick pace in coming episodes.


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