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“Mein Khayal Hoon Kish Aura Ka” is a HUM TV serial written by Shabana Ghulam Nabi and directed by Emraan Kareem Malick. It stars Ali Rehman, Hareem Farooq and Alamdar Hussein in the lead roles.

Episode 11 of the serial mostly revolved around Armaan’s (Alamdar Hussein) confusion. On one hand, he seems bent upon convincing Zaryab (Ali Redman) to tell his parents that he does not want to marry Sonia (Rucksaar Naaz) and even devises ways to make Zaryab and Dania (Hareem Farooq) meet. On the other hand, he plans a trip with Dania to his farmhouse to which both Dania and Zaryab disagree and show reluctance initially. While they are about to leave, Zaryab even asks both the husband and wife to wait for the stormy weather to subside. But Dania surprisingly shows a different response this time and says that they have to leave without caring for the weather. This episode also showed Sonia apologizing to Dania for her rude behaviour, but at the same time making it clear that she won’t tolerate any woman in Zaryab’s life, thus cleverly asking Dania to stay away. While Sonia and Zaryab were shown sharing a few meetings together, Dania was also shown unconsciously getting close to Arman and needing his company in the unfamiliar environment of the farmhouse. The episode ended on Zaryab’s mother deciding that Zaryab and Sonia’s date-fixing better be held in Dania’s absence. The important line of the last scene became “Zaryab bhi tou apna beta nahi hai”, inclining us to think if he is an adopted child.

Hareem Farooq, Rucksaar Naaz, Ali Rehman Khan & Alamdar Hussain in Main Khayal hoon Kisi Aur Ka

The soft and sad music throughout the episode was in conformity with the sadness taking hold of everyone’s heart; Zaryab’s forced love for Sonia and his jealousy at seeing Arman and Daniya Sharing moments, Dania’s mixed feelings for Arman, depicted through her care for him as well as her hesitation in coming close to him, and Arman’s love for both Dania and Zaryam, making him weak in his decisions.

The scenes of this episode, however, form a good basis for changing circumstances. A trip to farmhouse tells that things might change between Dania and Arman and Zaryab might also grow closer to Sonia in Dania’s absence. What is yet to be seen is what will happen when Zaryab’s date-fixing will take place in Arman and Dania’s absence and how will they face the surprise.


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