Mehwish Hayat has been under fire once again after her special appearance in Baaji’s item song Gangster Guriya. The song has been sung by Sunidhi Chohan the famous Bollywood playback singer.

Mehwish Hayat Is Gangster Guriya In Baaji

The star has been criticized massively over her performance and her attire in the song. Social media trolls have been rather harsh to the star for doing this song.

Baaji’s hero Osman Khalid Butt came to her defense in a series of tweets. Moreover the dapper hero had nothing but uplifting words for her:

Mehwish also addressed her trolls in a very decent way without calling out anyone. Instead she explained what dance means to her:

And people are showing support to the starlet as well

While constructive criticism is always welcomes, social media trolling has a negative connotation which should be discouraged and condemned to the maximum.

Osman Khalid Butt Responds To Mehwish Hayat’s Trolls


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