Shahrukh Khan is collaborating with Netflix to make a propaganda series against Pakistan. Starring Emraan Hashmi in main lead, the series is titled Bard of Blood. The series’ trailer was released which was followed by massive criticism on Twitter.

Fans slam SRK on the trailer of Bard Of Blood

The series comes from the same actor who has been an ambassador of peace. He was in Main Hoon Na and My Name Is Khan, both of which showed Pakistan or Muslims in positive light. Now the same actor has produced a series that has anti-Pakistan agenda.

The series has joined a long list of anti- Pakistani content made by Indian. From films like Gadar to series like Sacred Games. On the trailer the Pakistani actress and Tamagha Imtiaz holder Mehwish Hayat had a messaged for Shahrukh Khan.

The actress urged the actor to be a patriot but not at the cost of degrading Muslim and Pakistanis. With the on going tension between the two countries and ban on Indian content, series like these are hurting sentiments of Pakistani audience and many fans of Shahrukh Khan.

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Thoughts on the trailer of the series?


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