mehwish hayat controversy

Among numerous controversies that come and go the most recent was a leaked viral video of Mehwish Hayat at some event. The snippet followed a reporter asking Mehwish for a comment on Kashmir and the star refusing to speak about it as she has been instructed not to.

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The video was spread like wildfire with many bashing the recently awarded Tamagha Imtiaz winner. This isn’t the first video of Mehwish to have gone viral, in fact the star was in Norway a while back and her speech garnered massive applause by the social media mongers. Back then she was pride of Pakistan for representing the country at an international level. She spoke well and she spoke intelligently.

Now the same spokesperson, representative and pride of nation is being bashed for a video that is not even a complete footage of her talk and is being taken out of context by the very same social media mongers. Needless to say their memory is as short as their attention span, as anyone who had seen the video would have had questions and reservations about the background of the video.

The Punjab Nahe Jaungi actress also spoke up for clarification which is also being met with unwarranted criticism.The long and shot of it is that the actress was attending a charity event where she was instructed to speak only about the subject matter at hand which makes sense. When a celebrity is asked to an event or taken on board as representative of a organization or brand, they have to invest their full time for it and nothing else.

The actress has been speaking on essential matters including Kashmir at various platforms. It would be great that our artists are applauded for their efforts and contributions towards the country and not judged on the basis of out of context implications.

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