The trailer of Wajahat Rauf’s directorial Chhalawa is out. After Nadeem Baig’s films, we finally have another fun film made on a big scale. It is refreshing to see some directors challenge themselves and create the look of big budgeted projects. In comparison, his previous films were much simpler. The director has gone out of his comfort zone which is commendable and the end result appears to be a feast for the eyes. The sets, the Haveli, the fields, the songs everything appears grand.

The trailer juxtaposes beautifully shot scenes together where we get a glimpse of some very arresting characters. The trailer begins with greenery denoting Punjab. We also get a lot of Punjab Nahi Jaon Gi vibes from the trailer.

It quickly moves on to Mehwish Hayat who is putting on joggers while complaining that her father wanted to marry her off to someone she did not like. That one scene manages to convey the character’s entire backstory. She is a feisty, strong minded and fearless girl who has been spoilt and has developed a habit of running away from all unwanted situations.

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Mehwish Hayat as always gives a befitting performance and stands out in the trailer. The actress is absorbed in her character so much that she undoubtedly appears to be the most convincing character. While, Zara Noor Abbas’s character comes across as the most entertaining and alluring character on screen as we instantly fall in love with her. She not only looks good but her vibrant and energetic performance truly stands out.

The film’s lilting music throbs with energy and compliments the entire mood of the film. The songs are one of the highlights of the film as both the girls showoff some amazing dancing skills. Zara Noor Abbas and Mehwish Hayat manage to glue our eyes to the screens while a special mention goes out to Zara Noor Abbas who is a debutant and yet she appears to be a natural.

Azfar Rehman has also done well. The actor performed better than our expectations. While Asad Siddiqui, another debutant appears to be the weak link however the trailer generally makes up for everything as it is throbbing with life in all its shades. There is a lot of hullabaloo and small fun moments that form the heart and soul of the trailer.

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Towards the second half, we see a couple of well directed scenes, amalgamated with the intention to entice us and they serve their purpose. The director creates a glamorous atmosphere. The romantic scenes between Mehwish Hayat and Azfar Rehman are catchy as well.

We then get a glimpse of Mehwish Hayat’s solo dance number in the film which reminds us of her previous item song “Billi”. Mehwish once again, sizzles in the dance number.

Towards the end, the story propels into a new direction as all hell breaks lose, there are tears, heartbreak and arguments. We see Azfar’s character abandon the protagonist. The background plays a soulful melody of heartbreak. The trailer hints us that there is a lot more than that can be seen here and overall we are excited for the film. 

From the look of the trailer, it appears the film has potential to do very well at the boxoffice especially now as The Legend of Maula Jatt has been postponed. The film will be clashing with Wrong No 2, however it is likely to open better than Wrong No 2. Unless Wrong No 2 comes out with better content than Chhalawa, this film is likely to lead.

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