Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi’s legal battle has not only prolonged, it has also taken a new turn. The latest on the case is that Channo singer Ali Zafar has filed a case against Meesha Shafi for fraud and forging documents.

Ali’ s counsel has claimed that Meesha Shafi has submitted fake documents to the court. EPK got in touch with his lawyer Hasham Ahmad Khan to find out more:

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“Ali Zafar had filed a suit of defamation against Meesha Shafi, the written response was submitted by her counsel on October 17,2018.The written statement is verified under oath that the contents of the statement are true according to your knowledge and belief. An affidavit is also signed along with the statement.

This statement was verified on 7 August 2018. However the events written in the statement, are those that had not happened till that date, instead they happened in October 2018/ mid September 2018.

So that means that the day this document was verified this document could not have appeared as the events had not happened back then. This implies that the documents submitted are forged , if you present some forged document in court it has consequences.

Under section 476 CRPC Section 195 CRPC , we have filed a complaint against Meesha Shafi that they have produced a backdated document. This is our complaint and they have responded in court. They have termed this as a “formality and curable defect”.

This is not so, they have submitted a fake document which has been validated by the court. The oath commissioner is a public officer, who is also involved in the criminal act, so we have stated him as a party involved in our complaint and filed it in criminal court.”

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This is Ali Zafar’s counsel’s stance on the current case. We also reached out to Meesha’s lawyer Ahmed Pansota to find out what is their defense?

” The claim that a forged document has been submitted in court is false, as neither Meesha nor any of her lawyers can ever think of doing such a thing. The written statement that is submitted has a verification section as well, Meesha was present in the country and she signed the verification herself. After signing it,she left.

There were some factors in the documents, including the MeToo movement India, that were added on. This was made basis by the opponent that we have done some sort of forgery. This is not forgery in legal terms, it is called curable defect. We have submitted our response in court as well”

The conflict seems to be escalating instead of being resolved. Here is to hoping that the two parties can find some middle ground.


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