Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi case has been dragged for quite some time now . We reached out to Ali’s lawyer Ambreen Qureshi, to find out the details of the proceeding that was held recently.

Ali Zafar initiates criminal proceedings against Meesha Shafi

She informed us that that the hearing was held on 8 April for cross examination. Meesha Shafi has a new power of attorney. Considering the delay that has already taken place in this case, adjourned the case till 10 April.

Today once again they asked for the case to be adjourned.In response to this request the judge has fined Meesha Shafi, and given the last and final date on 17 April. This is their last opportunity. This is nothing but a blatant attempt to delay the case, so that no one can appear in court and the case continues to be dragged.”

Meesha Shafi’s Lawyer Responds To Alleged Forgery

Lets hope that the court comes to a conclusion on the next court hearing as this row has gone on very long.


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