Ali Zafar had filed a defamation case against Meesha Shafi, claiming that Shafi’s tweet leveled baseless allegations of sexual harassment against him which tarnished his image and caused him and his family great pain.

As per Meesha Shafi’s lawyer, Meesha Shafi has recorded her statement in response to the defamation case on Monday. She told the court that she had no choice but to go public about the harassment because it became clear that she might have to work with singer Ali Zafar despite having told her employers that he had harassed her multiple times.

We have been told that in her detailed statement at the court, Meesha also told the court that her public tweet was not part of a larger plan or conspiracy, rather as a last resort when all other channels of resolution failed.

Meesha narrated that the first incident of sexual harassment happened at Ali Zafar’s house where he groped her as he greeted her as she entered the gathering. She claimed that she told her husband who was also present outside however she did not let him confront Ali Zafar as both of them are public figures and that would have caused a scene.

Defamation case is an intimidation tactic to silence me, says Meesha Shafi in court.

She claimed that the second incident of sexual harassment took place at a birthday party at Ali Zafar’s house. The third incident, according to Meesha, was in a jamming room at Ali Zafar’s fater in law’s house as part of rehearsals for a contractual obligation, where she was groped at her place of work.

Meesha told the court that she has the right to a dignified workplace and an environment free from harassment.

The singer said that after the third incident, she had decided never to work the Ali Zafar again.

In her concluding remarks, she said “I am the one who suffered such loses and as a woman I suffered great reputational damage and financial loss… my tweet shared a true experience and is not a defamatory statement. When I realized how difficult it is to face sexual harassment, I shared my experience to protect myself and others who are struggling to break their silence.”

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