Illustrious director Saqib Malik’s film Baaji has created a lot of buzz. The film stars the gorgeous Meera and Amna Illyas in lead while Osman Khalid Butt, Mohsin Abbas, Ali Kazmi, Nayyar Ejaz are also part of its ensemble cast.

The makers recently released the film’s poster and it is an alluring spectacle. The film has wrapped its shoot and is slated for release on 28th June.

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Epk recently hosted everyone’s favorite Meera in our studios to get more insight on this highly exciting project. We interviewed her regarding the project and received some intriguing answers!

You will be returning to the big screen after a long hiatus. So what made you choose this film?

“I have been on the hunt for a good film, a good role and a director who could create a praiseworthy film. Then I received a call and someone expressed his wish to work with me. He told me the storyline and briefed the character. He is a very big name of the industry, a commercial director, I have worked with him before.

Later we met and talked. He told me it was the leading title role. When I heard the story, I felt like I had been yearning for this role all my life. This role was my unfulfilled wish. I felt like I had been parched and this would quench my thirst, I had been famished and this would satiate my appetite. I wanted to live this character, perform this character and be this character in front of my fans. Fortunately I got the chance.”

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This is the first time you are working in Saqib Malik’s directorial film, how was your experience with the director and what are you views on him?

“I believe Saqib Malik is a perfectionist. He delves into details, goes into the depth of his characters and manages to create beautiful moments and scenes. He works very passionately and is keen to bring forth and show something worthwhile.”

“I have worked in both India and Pakistan and I believe Saqib Malik is the king of perfection.” She added.

The film also stars Amna Illyas, Osman Khalid Butt, Mohsin Abbas and Ali Kazmi. How was your experience working with them?

“Amna Illyas worked really well. She has given a very good performance. Osman Khalid Butt was very supportive on the sets and worked well. Mohsin and I have scenes together, we had good chemistry, he plays an important role. Lastly, Ali Kazmi has a very significant role, he is the core of the film and gave a good performance.”

Watch Meera’s interview with EPK


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