MCU phase 3’s final film, SpiderMan Far From Home has finally dropped its trailer. The trailer starts off with a spoiler warning from Tom Holland which has left many in fits as ironically Tom Holland accidentally gave a spoiler for Infinity War. Tom Holland’s version of Peter Parker is surely likable. His naive, mischievous and impeccable portrayal has given Peter Parker a new identity.

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The trailer begins with a tribute to Tony Stark, Peter Parker’s mentor and a flagship character of the MCU, who sacrifices his life in Endgame. There are several references to Iron Man in the trailer as Peter Parker is shown grief stricken. His dialogue “Everywhere I go, I see his face. Just really miss him” , establishes the film’s connection with Endgame.

We are told that the world needs a new iron man. We also see Peter Parker wearing Tony Stark’s glasses and we see a lot of Iron man’s references throughout the trailer. The film seems to be heavily relying on Endgame’s brand. Nick Fury and Happy are back for mentoring and helping Peter become a hero just as great as Iron man. Happy and Peter Parker’s scenes remain lighthearted, comical and chirpy.

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The trailer also hints at the plotline as it reveals Mysterio played by Jake Gyllenhaal. He is from the multiverse and the trailer has revealed the next direction the MCU is taking. After saving this universe from Thano’s snap, Peter Parker will be playing a part in saving the multiverse. The alternative universe is bound to have many more surprises in store for us. The action packed, lively and emotional trailer is a compelling treat. The graphics of the trailer are as flawless as the previous films. Jon Watts’s direction also stands out.

The trailer encompasses a lot of elements in just 2 min and 38 seconds of its duration and it has received a brilliant response on social media.

The concept of Multiverse is surely going to many more layers to the Avengers’ saga in the long run and perhaps we can expect new heroes to spring up from the multiverse which makes it all the more exciting.

The trailer has people debating on Mysterio’s character as he team ups with Peter Parker in the trailer while he essays a negative role in the comic books. We also like the MJ’s arc in the trailer, the blooming romance between the two characters is heartwarming.

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