Maula Jatt, a classic Pakistani movie, was produced in 1979 by Sarwar Bhatti. Over the years, the film has been highly praised and is regarded as one of our legendary films. The iconic dialogues of the film are still remembered fondly. The film also had a star studded cast which makes it, one of our treasures.

In 2013, Bilal Lashari announced that he will produce a new film based on Maula Jatt itself. The film will cast renowned actors such as Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Humaima Malik. However, the news was soon met with a controversy as court issued a stay order on the production of this film.

In 2017, Muhammad Muttaqi Sarwar, the son of Sarwar Bhatti and the CEO of Bahoo films filed a case against Bilal Lashari claiming a violation of copyrights. He also made several public announcements in videos put up on Facebook, claiming that Maula Jatt is the intellectual property of his father.

Entertainment Pakistan has interviewed Sarwar Bhatti, the producer of Maula Jatt, regarding this matter. We have also requested Nasir Adeeb, the writer of both the original script of Maula Jatt and the new script, to say a few words on the matter.

In a conversation with Sarwar Bhatti, he told us that he was disappointed that Lashari did not seek his permission about producing the remake of Maula Jatt. The producer alleged that Bilal Lashari has tried to take advantage of the brand name of Maula Jatt as it is a globally renowned film. He has filed a copyright infringement case against Lashari and was granted a stay order.

Sarwar Bhatti is still in possession of an intellectual property certificate of Maula Jatt. He claims all his certificates are still intact and therefore, he was rightfully granted a stay order. He further added, that if any permission was sought from him on making the new film, he may have considered it but since no such effort was made, the producer was highly disappointed. Sarwat Bhatti plans to hold a press conference to further clarify the matter.

Rumors had it, that Nasir Adeeb, was also involved in the matter. EPk requested Nasir Adeeb to say a few words on this. The Maula Jatt writer told us that he was only asked to record his statement as per court orders and had no further involvement in the case. He told EPk, that he is still confused on the matter and fails to understand what both the parties hope to achieve from all of this.

The case is still pending in the court however the stay order has been ruled out by the court. The film has resumed its production and is almost completed now. However, the case is still awaiting a verdict. Nasir Adeeb hopes that nothing unjust will happen with either one of the parties. He also hopes that the issue gets resolved as soon as possible.


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