The fire, the rage, the hunger for revenge and power, the bone crushing action sequences and the bloody killings that will give us chills down our spine, this is all we are hoping for and more!

Things are about to get bloody and we absolutely cannot wait for it!

Bilal Lashari’s The Legend of Maula Jatt is without doubt the most anticipated movie of the year. While we wait for the movie to hit the theaters, it is only natural to be curious about what the characters will be like!

What we are particularly interested in seeing is who would win in the clash between Maula Jatt(Fawad Khan) and Noori Natt(Hamza Abbasi). Although Noori Natt is the obvious villain in the movie, it doesn’t mean he can’t win.

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As revealed by the writer Nasir Adeeb in his interview with EPK, the original Maula Jatt was written for the villain Noori Natt. He was shown as extremely powerful, in fact in the end it was him who cuts his own leg off and gives it to Maula. He was shown as an unbeatable villain.

Although this movie is essentially based on a completely different story, it will be interesting to see how much power and thunder is given to Noori Natt. The more powerful the villain is, the more fun and challenging it will be to beat him.

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The trailer has set a precedent for it to be the ultimate blockbuster that will definitely set the bar high for films in Pakistan.While the beautiful big scale settings and the cinematography really did set the tone of the film, the dark and intense characters are what excite us the most!

We got to see the fierce Maula, who has excellent fighting skills which will allow him to take down numerous men all by himself ! The intensity and rage can be seen in his eyes, especially in the scene from the trailer when Fawad Khan looks up!

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If we have learned anything from Hollywood, it is that evil can have immense power and can in fact vanquish many. Just recently Marvel gave fans the shock of their lives by killing off so many superheroes at the hands of Thanos. Now as we await their return, we have been completely shaken yet intrigued by his power.

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While the obvious and largely accepted conclusion is that the hero kills off the villain, but how he does it and what he has to go through to do so, that is what really creates an impact. The plot needs to be extremely interesting with numerous characters being an accessory for both characters to reach their end goal.

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We are definitely looking forward to the ultimate face off between Maula Jatt and Noori Natt. The fight sequence between the two will definitely be thrilling. We have seen them run towards each other in utmost rage in the trailer and that scene alone was exhilarating.

While we are hoping for some nail biting action which will keep us to the edge of our seats, what we also look forward to seeing is that whose character will be more impactful than the other? Is it Maula Jatt who will overshadow Noori Natt or Noori Natt who will overshadow Maula Jatt?

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