Critic Rating

Written by: Riffat Siraj

Script supervisor: Khalilluh Farooqi

Directed by: Iqbal Hussain

Produced by: TV one & Real Entertainment

The first episode of Maryam Pereira on aired last night. This is the first ever drama on a story of the Christian community. First of all, the writer, producer, director, and the entire team deserves a big applause for highlighting the problems of a minority. The Christian community is living in Pakistan in a great number. They live here peacefully considering it their motherland. And why not, they have equal rights in Pakistan like the Muslims.

Sufiyan (Imad Irfani) loves Maryam (Sadia Khan), a Christian college teacher. She lives with the community in St. Joseph’s Colony. Hafza (Farheen Iqbal) is the friend of Maryam and through the same friendship, Sufiyan knows Maryam. But the religion is standing between them as an iron wall. The paternal grandmother of Sufiyan (Aisha Khan Sr.) wants to make his match with a cousin. Ayesha (Shaheen Khan), however, is taking the matter of marrying Hafza and Sufiyan lightly. This lightness is annoying for the grandmother of Hafza.

Maryam is supporting her family through the job. Her younger sister Jennie (Faria Hassan) is an emotional and a bit careless young student. Because mummy gives all importance to Maryam, so Jennie is jealous of her. This jealousy can become a significant factor in future episodes.

On the other hand, a fruit merchant, Sadiq Khan (Ayub Khoosa) has given the idea to Hakim Khan (Rasheed Naz) of purchasing the St. Joseph’s Colony for commercial purposes. It is a more than 100 years old minority colony which they feel can be a very fruitful deal. Sadiq Khan is a low character man and has an evil eye on Maryam. She is not a domesticated girl whose only aim of life is to marry and make a family. She has some other plans like supporting her family as the bread earner and then her community also against the land mafia.

Ali Khan (Ahsan Khan), the son of Hakim Khan, has come back to Pakistan after completing his education from abroad. Hakim Khan has thrown a grand welcome party for him with all friends and relatives gathered there.

The environment and the characters have been fully introduced in the first episode as well as the main conflict. Land mafia, love interests, minority problems, family politics concerning love marriage, awareness and education for Christians – many of the ingredients we are going to see in Maryam Pereira.

The director Iqbal Hussain has started the episode with the drone shots establishing the church, and then people coming for prayer. We are going to see the main character, Maryam Pereira evolving and developing more solidly in the coming episodes. Let’s see what Sufiyan is up to when he will be facing opposition from the family concerning marriage with Maryam. She also has to face many things, not only on personal grounds but also for the sake of the community.


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