Critic Rating

Written by: Riffat Siraj

Script supervisor: Khalilluh Farooqi

Directed by: Iqbal Hussain

Produced by: Seema Taher Khan & Real Entertainment

Maryam (Sadia Khan) is fighting her tooth and nail on all the frontages she has to face – personal, family, and on the community level. After the grandma (Ayesha Khan Sr.) refused to marry Sufiyan (Emmad Irfani) with her, now it is Maryam who has refused. She loves him very much but she has to take care of many others in her life. She can’t leave her family and the community, so she left him. Sufiyan is desperate to marry him, ignoring the fact that grandma will never accept a Christian girl.

The family of Sufiyan, and especially Hafsa (Farheen Iqbal) are pretty stressed in this situation. The argument scene between the family and Sufiyan was a heated one. But this situation is temporary as Maryam said in one of her dialogues: zindagi jeenay kay tareeqay khud nikal laiti hay.

Despite being a female, Maryam has a very practical thinking. She knows very well what are the limitations for her and what to do. She has sacrificed her love for the sake of the community. She doesn’t at all want to put the burden of her responsibilities on the shoulders of anyone else. She is that much dignified. No doubt the local Christian community owes her very much. Though she is a female but has the courage of a man and stood up against the land grabbers.

On the other hand, Sadiq Khan (Ayub Khoosa) thinks that getting Maryam to surrender by marrying her is an easy task. He doesn’t know it would be a hard nut to crack, rather very hard. Apparently, a delicate girl is no less than a stone wall before the negative intentions of land mafia. Some of the community people are in favor of selling out their homes and move to somewhere else but it is not a matter of place or settlement. It is a matter of rule, human rights, and emotional attachment.

Hakim Khan (Rasheed Naz) has got the idea how much resistance he has to face from Maryam. Ali Khan (Ahsan Khan), too, gets to know that the girl resisting against her father’s plans is none other than her. With a vast difference of thinking, we can expect sooner or later to see the father and the son confronting each other seriously.

Mummy is sure that many years ago she decided to stay in Pakistan and that decision was absolutely right. The respect and regard for the Muslims by her was such a beauty to see. The characters, especially of Maryam, are evolving episode by episode. The violin and piano composition by Naveed Nashad vividly presented the emotions as well as the mood of characters in certain scenes.

The pace is good and changes with each episode make Maryam Pereira more impactful and complicated also. Things will be more difficult in the coming episodes.


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