Drama and film makers have a responsibility towards their audience as content creators to educate them. Their projects can played a major role in changing mindsets and attitudes. Also they have the power to highlight issues that are often neglected. TV One is one of those channels that has set precedent to tell stories based on minorities. After brilliant dramas like Seeta Bhagri and Gughi they are back with Maryam Pareira.

The serial is currently on air every Wednesday 8 PM. It stars Ahsan Khan, Emmad Effendi, Sadia Khan, Ayub Khosa, Seemi Raheel, Laila Zuberi. Riffat Siraj is the story teller and Iqbal Hussain has directed it. We talked to the CEO of TV One, Seema Tahir in order to get some insights behind the bold and creative idea of bringing the minorities in focus.



She took us back in time and gave us the complete background behind the idea of talking about Christian community. The community chose to stay in Pakistan at the time of partition. The majority did not reside in major cities but mostly choose to stay in areas which are considered suburbs.

With time builders started exploring and realized the value of these suburbs. They wanted to take over the suburbs and use these sites.

The constitution gives our minorities proper rights which need to be protected and also highlighted. The drama essentially focuses on such issues, which is a honorable cause. Kudos to Seema Tahir, for pointing out such sensitive issues!



We also contacted Ahsan Khan to get his comments on the drama. Ahsan Khan who plays a lead in this drama, told us that what he really likes about this serial is the focus on the rights of minorities. We as a nation need to promote religious harmony, tolerance and equality. This drama is definitely a step in the right direction and we hope to see more inclusive content in the future as well.



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