marvel to feature gay super hero

Marvel is gearing up to introduce a gay superhero and it may just be someone we already know!

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In recent years the debate on the subject of inclusivity in Hollywood has resulted in showbiz being more diverse in terms of gender, ethnicity and even sexual preferences.

Similarly, Marvel has been open to diversity as well. In Avengers Endgame we saw a scene where Captain America is part of a support group and one of the members talks about his date with another man.

In a recent interview to Entertainment Weekly, the subject came up as to whether there will be a gay superhero in future Marvel films. The response was not affirmative but rather vague ” We’re gonna find out.”

The co-director Joe Russo then continued to give a more concrete comment:

“You know, there is a gay character coming up in one of [Marvel’s] films. I think Kevin [Feige] will make that announcement I’m sure pretty soon.”

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The maker did not however delve into much detail as to who it would be or whether the instantiation that it is someone we already know, is in fact true.

The second last movie of Phase 3 ,Avengers Endgame, has wrecked havoc at box office all across the globe breaking all kinds of records. It will be followed by the last movie of this phase i.e. Spider Man Far From Home, in July.


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