Nauman Ejaz web series Mann Jogi

We at Epk had given the breaking news back in May that the Ranjha Ranjha Kardi director Kashif Nisar is coming out with a web series. The series was initially titled Mr and Mrs Shamim however it was later changed to “Mann Jogi”.

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Man Jogi is currently being shot here in Lahore and stars the versatile actor Noman Ejaz along with Cheekh star Saba Qamar. As per sources, Mann Jogi will take the audiences through three phases of life of the protagonists. In fact for their elderly phase, special attention will be given to make up in order to create a convincing look.

Another interesting thing about the web series is that the makers are focusing more on visuals to narrate the story and less on dialogues. Camera movement and shots have been taken in a way that they contribute to story telling. This is certainly something which is rarely tried in Pakistan.

A few days ago the team shot a Dhammal scene at the mausoleum of Sufi saint Shah Jamal. The location was closed down in order to shoot a performance of Noman Ejaz. In this scene more than 200 extras were also involved. Mann Jogi is will have 20 episodes.

The series has been written by O Rangreza writer Saji Gul who is also writing Rafay Rashidi’s Badshah Begum.

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