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Gul Makai a biopic based on the life of noble peace price winner Malala Yousafzai is premeiring on 25 January 2019. The film will open in London and the premier is said to be attended by number renowned personalities including Malala herself along with her family.

Other personalities including Indian and Pakistani High commissioner,and representatives of United Nations.

The role of Malala is being portrayed by actress Reem Sheikh. The film although is about a Pakistani hero, it has been made by film makers in Bollywood.

Reem Sheikh as Malala in Guk Makai
Reem Sheikh as Malala in Guk Makai

We reached out to Mr Shahid Khan who has co-produced the film, to find out further about his role in this project. He informed EPK that he is also the global advisor of the project. He is based in UK and works in the capacity of investigative journalism, he also owns a production house in Pakistan.

He has been linked to the project for the past one year. He also consulted on the story for the film as well. The Pakistani writer Mr Imtiaz Gul was also consulted for construction of script . The film is being produced by Sanjay Singla, and this is his first film. He praised his friend Amjad Khan who is also the director of Gul Makai.

The main reason he got involved in the project was because he feels this film is amongst the select few that portray a positive imagery of Pakistan. He believes that the film will be well received and liked in Pakistan as Malala is an icon and role model who has done notable work for education.

Gul Makai poster

He also explained why the biopic was shot in India and not Pakistan. He revisited the time when the incident happened, the fragile political and security situation prevailing back then was not suitable for a film like this to be shot. Also he believes the scale of the film is huge which could not be catered well in Pakistan.

He mentioned that the film also showcases how effectively the Pakistani Army got rid of terrorism from the country by running successful operations. The film is an insight to the reality of the situation and shows Pakistan and its institutes in a positive light. It will prove to be beneficial for the country.

It is high time that film makers in Pakistan take note of this and consider making biopics on their heroes more often!

Check out the trailer and insights on the film here!

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