In the series of film news that Epk is exclusively bringing every day, we have another exciting news. Wrong No 2 producer Hasan Zia is coming back with his next film.

Like the previous film this one will also be a comedy with titled “Zubaida Mard Bun”.The film is written by Chupan Chupai director Mohsin Ali. The film will be directed by Saboor Aly starrer drama Gul o Gulzar’s director Saqib Khan.

Hasan Zia had collaborated with director Yasir Nawaz for his previous three films. However this time around he is going with a different director. Epk had previously broke the news that the two were parting ways for their next project, but Hassan Zia had denied the news.

Are Makers of Wrong No Series Parting Ways?

Like Wrong No 2, Zubaida Mard Bun will also be produced by Hasan Zia and IMGC’S Amjad Rashid. Besides this film the duo will also be producing another film. Hasan Zia is currently in talks with director for the second film, however the script of the film has been finalized.

Recently IMGC had announced that they will be producing 5 films and the official details have yet to come in. As per Epk sources, Bhag Bhootni Ke, Zubaida Mard Bun, the second untitled film of Hasan Zia, Wajahat Rauf’s film are four films that will be produced by IMGC. Once the deal with Yasir Nawaz is locked his film will be the fifth film.

Leading Distribution Company IMGC Announces 5 Films!


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