Abu Aleeha’s Horror film Kataksha was released on 21 June and did considerably well at the box office. The film opened with good numbers and had a good first week of run. However due to competition in the following weeks was an uphill task. The film has wrapped up with an estimated total of 2.01 crore.

Kataksha film review

Kataksha had surprised the whole trade with such pleasant numbers. And now the makers of Kataksha are back with yet another thriller Tevar which is set to release on 26th July. This has happened for the first time in Pakistan that a director has given back to back film within such a short time frame i.e. in one month. This is certainly commendable.

The poster of the movie has been revealed. Like Katasksha this is also a low budget film, however we can hope for something interesting.

The film stars Sukynah Khan, Taqi Ahmed,Mathira, Sharique Mehmood, Aiman Khan, Akbar Subhani,Majid Baluch, Ayaz Ali, Shaiz Raj. The film has been directed by Abu Aleeha . The film is slated for release on 26 July 2019. Watch out for this one!

Kataksha Boxoffice Collection


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