Contagion, a film based on a Coronavirus-like virus that also begins spreading from China has hit No. 10 on iTunes, ranking just behind runaway hits Joker and Parasite, due to its shocking similarities with the real life deadly virus. The cause of this infection is also a bat in the film.

People have been since wondering if the film’s content was a premonition
or merely a coincidence. However, the makers of the film have recently given a statement that the film’s content was in fact a warning.

Reportedly, Scott Burns the writer of the film revealed that he is not surprised at the outbreak of corona-virus.

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“On one hand, someone might say, ‘That’s uncanny!” says writer Scott Burns. “But I’m not that surprised because when I spoke to experts in this field [while researching], they all said to me that it’s not a matter of if but a matter of when. What I learned from these scientists is that these things are going to happen.” He said.

Burns also revealed to Hollywood reporter that he is still in regular contact with doctors W. Ian Lipkin and Larry Brilliant, whom the writer became friends with they served as scientific consultants on the film. (Lipkin has said that he’s en route to China to help out with the situation.)

“Steven Soderbergh and Scott Burns’ conception was to make an extremely accurate film that dealt with actual protocols and science.” Revealed the producer of the film, Stacey Sher.

“Part of the reason why we made the film was for situations like this,” Burns adds. “It’s useful to look at some of the lessons included, which are really basic and apply to seasonal flus. If you’re really sick, you can self-quarantine — a fancy way of saying stay home and don’t get the people you work with or love sick. Don’t send kids to school. Wash your hands often and don’t go out if you’re sick.”

Interestingly, another film which told a similar tale was “Outbreak” released in 1995. However, Outbreak was based on a different virus. The film has also entered into the top 100 at No. 68 in Itunes Chart as more and more people are relating to these films.

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