Critic Rating

Written by: Shabana Ghulam Nabi

Directed by: Imram Kaleem Malik

Produced by: IRK Films

Things are getting worse for Daniya (Hareem Farooq). This episode was mostly woven around the difficulties of her. Armaan (Alamdar Hussain) is treating her like a typical middle-class husband. He knows very well that Daniya doesn’t like her. Even then he is forcing her to do the things she doesn’t want to. Also, he is blackmailing and threatening her due to the matter where she spent three days out of the home.

The mother-in-law keeps on taunting Daniya whenever she gets a chance. Soniya (Rukhsaar Naaz), too, feels jealous of Daniya and upset for what is going on between Daniya and Zaryab (Ali Rehman Khan). As she is going to be the wife of Zaryab so thinks it her duty to keep an eye on Daniya. Time to time, she doesn’t refrain from realizing Daniya that now Zaryab is in her possession.

Daniya is badly tangled. Her mother-in-law, Armaan, and Soniya – all are against her. Nobody likes her and she is the bone of contention between Zaryab and Soniya as well as Zaryab and Armaan. That scene was very significant and painful when Armaan forces Daniya to apologize to his mother. Though, Daniya was not at fault. Zaryab also saw that drama but he was helpless before his mother.

Changes are coming but very slowly. Problems are there but no solution. Why doesn’t Daniya ask for help from her friend, Aneeta, and Zaryab also? They both can be helpful for her. Parting ways from Armaan are the only solution to her problems. Why she is living forcefully with Armaan?

Daniya must have to take charge of her life. She should just go straight away and tell the truth whatever the consequences will be. She is an educated woman, can do a job, and live the life on her terms. Now she has not to take the tension of her father as he has passed away. She has to do something or the other to do away with this dilemma. Only courage and confidence are needed to get out of this situation.

Imran Kaleem Malik has done good lighting and camera work. Rukhsaar Naaz has a bit difficulty in dialogue delivery as she has come from abroad. Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan are doing a great job in their roles. Daniya is persistent in not accepting Armaan at all. Let’s see how long her persistence goes?



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