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Written by: Shabana Guhlam Nabi

Directed by: Imran Kalim Malik

Producer: IRK films

Zaryab’s mother has been favoring her biological son Arman over her step son, Zaryab from the very beginning however she seems to be turning bitter and bitter towards Zaryab day by day! She has her eyes on the family business and she wishes for her son, Arman, to take over it.

She tells Zaryab (Ali Rehman Khan) that his father also wants to keep him away from business matters at least for a short time period because of the huge loss that occurred due to Zaryab’s wrong decision. Zaryab chooses to comply and seprateshimslf from the business, leaving the business to Armaan.

Dania’s friend Anita informs ZaryabthatArman has raised his hand on Dania which greatly angers Zaryab. Upon this, Zaryab confronts Arman and they get into a fight. Zaryab threatens Arman, that if he continues to be violent with Dania, he will forget that they are brothers.

Zaryab’sfiance (Ruskhsar Naaz) chances to hear this conversation and decides to break off her engagement with Zaryab. She tells Zaryab that she has realized that Zaryab is completely in love with Dania and therefore she does not want to marry a man, who loves another.

Episode ends at a scene where Sonia meets Arman and tries to convince him that he can’tget Dania’s love because Dania only loves Zaryab.

The serial, overall, has nice direction with only few flaws. The drama is dragged and often it’s scenes are prolonged making the audience lose their interest. Story of the serial is too unrealistic as it is showinga couple living together even after divorce and not a single family member is able to detect or find anything suspicious in their relationship. Today’s episode was slow paced and some scenes were really dragged.

As per performances of the actors, this serial has two new comers Alamdar Hussain as Arman and RukhsarNaaz as Sonia, both of them are not good at dialogue delivery because of their awkward “Urdu” accent. Ali Rehman Khan is a promising actor and does a good job acting as Zaryab. Hareemfarooquihas performed pretty average as Dania.

What will Zaryab do now? Will he take a stand for his love or will he step back? Will Dania accept Zaryab now? How will Arman react to Sonia’s comments?

Main khayalhoonkisiaurka,tells us that relationships cannot be imposed forcefully and if done so, this only creates a mess.


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