Critic Rating

Written by: Shabana Gulam Nabi

Directed by: Imran Kalim Malik

Producer: IRK films

This episode had nothing surprising or new. Sonia (Ruskhsar Naaz) calls Arman (Alamdar Hussain) and asks her about Dania (Hareem Farooque) and Zaryab (Ali Rehman Khan). This leads to another fight between Dania and Arman. He accuses Dania that she is involved in Zaryab and is after her from the very start whereas Zaryab is happy with Sonia and wants to marry her. The business had a huge loss because of the new deal which Zaryab made. Safdar (Zaryab’s father) wants to hide this fact from Zaryab but his stepmother reveals it upon him and blames him by her taunting tone. The episode ended on a scene where Sonia tells Zaryab that she wants them to live separate.

Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka is a love triangle between Zaryab, Dania and Arman. Hareem Farooq is playing the character of Dania, a typical Pakistani girl who marries a man just for the sake of father’s will and to save his friendship. Zaryab and Armaan are brothers but Zaryab is Safdar’s son from his first wife Zaryab and Arman shares a lovely brotherhood bond then suddenly Dania changes their lives because both of them are interested in the same girl. The story of the serial leads showing how a burdensome relation can destroy the happiness and content of its members. It is a story of every second home in our society where girls marry someone they don’t like and because of this many lives suffer and such relationships are not healthy and usually don’t sustain.

The story of the drama is an average one with no such climax or interest gaining scenes. Its direction is strong but lacks when it comes to taking work from the new actors. This serial has two new faces; Alamdar Hussain as Arman and Rukhsar Naaz as Sonia both of them are really poor in dialogue delivery. They have a problem with Urdu accent which is their biggest drawback. The only strong pillar of the serial is Ali Rehman Khan. He is, as usual, playing his character brilliantly. Hareem Farooq also doesn’t have a very strong screen presence and is way too average in her performance while the senior actors of the serial are playing well.

Upcoming episodes have a lot more to reveal. What will the family’s reaction after knowing the reality of Dania and Arman’s Relationship? Will Dania continue to suffer or will she take a step for herself? Will Zaryab marry Sonia?

Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka is giving a message to its audience that relationships cannot be fulfilled forcefully and when done this leads to destruction and never proves to be sustaining.


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