Mahira Khan talks about her role in the Legend of Maula Jatt

Mahira Khan recently gave an interview to Instep, The News. The actress also talked about her role in The Legend of Maula Jatt. This film is the most anticipated movie of 2019 that will see release on Eid-ul-Fitr. The film has a stellar cast of Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Humaima Malik. Everyone has absolutely fallen in love with the trailer of the film.

The upcoming Ammara Hikmat and Bilal Lashari film is anticipated to be a game changer and a trend setter in Pakistan.

Mahira Khan plays the role of Mukho. Fawad Khan is reprising the role of the iconic Maula Jatt while Mahira plays his lady love. As the film’s release draws nearer, Mahira Khan clarified a few things.

Mahira Khan as Mukho

 “There are a lot of expectations and I just want people to know it’s going to be a Maula Jatt and Noori Natt extravaganza basically,”

She revealed that she plays a very small part in the film. She used to come and go and felt like an honorary guest there. She said that she would come in for two-days, shoot her scenes and go off for two-months.

She also confessed that it was a challenge speaking Punjabi for her. She revealed that she felt like a French girl speaking Punjabi doing the film. She laughed that she used to go there and say “I’m doing a foreign-language film,”

Hamza Ali Abbasi helped the actress out thoroughly. She was nervous and told Hamza that she will not be able to speak Punjabi. Hamza Ali Abbasi convinced her and promised to tutor her.

She said “Hamza would come on Verna’s set and sit with me for hours, and so we prepared this one, long scene, which was also my first and everybody was expecting I’d mess up, but the first take went amazing. And I got all over-confident after that, so I never sat down with him again, but Hamza really kept at it. He’d come to the sets of Maula, even when he didn’t have scenes.”

The Hamsafar famed star revealed that she wishes she had a bigger role in the film because of how much she has enjoyed working in it.

She talked about her character, Mukho and said that Mukho is very cute, but a badass too. Mukho is just a lot of fun, in a very intense film.

She also complimented Humaima Mailk’s character, Daroo. “It’s such a good role and Humaima is great in it.”

Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan

After seven years to the sensational hit, Hamsafar, we will finally see Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan romance onscreen.

However, Mahira revealed that the movie is not a romance so it’s not about Maula and Mukho,” She added “Which is why all our fans should know this is not what they’ve been waiting for, there’s no twirling or barish. But it can be something else, which they didn’t expect, even if it’s for a little bit we’re on-screen; it’s both of us back together, which is a huge thing. I hope that somewhere, we’ve done justice to what they’ve given us.”

She also revealed that she believes that Maula Jatt is in fact a superhero genre. It is the ultimate of good vs. evil fight.


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