Mahira Khan has been busy in the highly anticipated film, The Legend of Maula Jatt and her exciting new project Superstar alongside Bilal Ashraf. The actress recently shared a selfie with her costar Fawad Khan. People have been eager to see the Humsafar famed couple together ever since their last appearance and this surely was a treat for them!

To all fan’s pleasure, she also opened an #askmahira session on Twitter! The adored actress who has been busy with Superstar and TLMJ was returning to Peshawar after finishing the recent spell of shoot in Lahore.

Mahira Khan’s devotes seized the opportunity and bombarded her with adorable queries. And of course they asked her TLMJ and Superstar! Here’s what Mahira Khan revealed!

Mahira revealed the souvenir she wishes to take! And its quite an answer!

She also revealed how her performance as Mukho has been!

She answered, “Pattakha” . Wow we look forward to seeing that! Sounds like we will be seeing her in a never seen before avatar.

Someone asked her to share how her experience of Maula Jatt’s shooting has been.

And she replied.. Fun. Tough. Lots of laughter. Great food. Her TLMJ journey has been a bumpy but fun ride.

Mahira Khan also gave one word answer describing her The Legend of Maula Jatt costar Hamza Ali Abbasi

A very profound and interesting answer came forth!

Queries about Superstar!

And the answer is….

Two songs have been shot for Superstar already. Looks like Mahira Khan will be displaying her dancing skills more often now! And what a treat it will be seeing her break a leg alongside Bilal Ashraf!


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