This Friday saw release of two Hindi films i.e. Loveyatri and Andhadhun. Anddhadhun had little face value with Ayushmann Khurrana in lead role but film didn’t have any appeal hence it was expected to open slow. Loveyatri on other hand had a new cast but was riding on hit music.

Both films have taken slow start with Loveyatri taking a slight lead. But that doesn’t matter much as both films have taken very slow start. There was another English release Venom which is limelight of the Weekend. Loveyatri has collected 20lacs approx on Friday and occupancies were very low. Film will struggle over the Weekend and will probably go around 55lacs over the Weekend.

Andhadhun has collected 15lacs approx on day one which is a very low start but film does have some good reviews which might give it a some push over the Weekend at plexes. If it manages some appreciation then we might see some hold on weekdays but start is so low that film will need a very good upturn of numbers over the Weekend to have some chances at boxoffice.


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