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The year 2020 is still two months away but the release date of many films have already been announced. Eids are always the biggest traction of the year at box office and every year we see cluster of releases on Eids. Last year we saw four Pakistani movies hitting on Eid ul Fitr alongwith multiple English releases. This year we saw two Pakistani movies releasing on Eid but in 2020 situation will get even more dense.

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Eid ul Fitr 2020 is still seven months away but multiple films have already been slated for release on Eid.

1.Fast and Furious 9

The biggest release coming Eid will be Fast and Furious 9 as the film easily carries the biggest brand value in Pakistan. The film will stars Vin Diesel, John Cena, Michelle Rodriguez and even singer Cardi B. The film will run riots at boxoffice no matter how many films release opposite it on Eid ul Fitr.

Vin Diesel and Cardi B from sets of Fast & Furious 9

2. Lafangey Chapter 1

Sami Khan starrer horror comedy “Lafangey: Chapter 1” has been announced for Eid-ul-Fitr 2020 release too. In 2019, Sami Khan starrer Wrong No 2. released on Eid ul Fitr and went on to collect over PKR 200 million.

lafangey sami khan, mani, mubeen gabool, saleem meraj, mubeen gabool
Sami Khan, Mani, Saleem Meraj & Mubeen Gabool on sets of Lafangey

3. Kamli

IMGC is also planning to release multiple films on Eid next year. First one titled Kamli is a very ambitious project directed by Sarmad Khoosat. Sarmad Khoosat is one of the leading directors of Pakistani entertainment industry and his film will definitely have immense potential over the Eid period. The film’s shoot is in full swing these days and it will be a big project for IMGC.

4.Sorry Baba

Second film that IMGC is planning to release on Eid ul Fitr is Naseem Vicky directed comedy “Sorry Baba”. It is Urdu language film and will be produced by Kamran Ejaz and IMGC. The casting of the film is underway at the moment and we look forward to seeing who gets locked in for leading roles. The film is a good option for Eid release as comedy always sells over the Eid holidays period.

naseem vicky film
Comedian Naseem Vicky: Director and Writer of Sorry Baba

5.The Spongebob Movie:It’s a Wonderful Sponge

Animated films always have their limited audiences over the Eid period and so far Paramount’s The Spongebob Movie is slated for Eid release as well.
Tom Kenny will voice Spongebob, Bill Fagerbakke will voice Patrick Star and Clancy Brown will voice Mr Krab. Directed by Tim Hill and produced by Ryan Harris, the movie’s first look poster is out. The poster was released for comic con. The visuals of the posters are hypnotic and it is quite possible that it is indicating to a movie plot through is optical illusion!

This means with seven months to go, 5 films are already excepted to release on Eid ul Fitr.

Which film are you excited about?

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