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Avengers Endgame has created multiple records at the Pakistani box office. The film’s performance has been uncanny as it wiped out all the opening day records with a snap. The film created an all time opening day record, smashed the all time single day record and also broke the all time opening Weekend record.

Avengers: Endgame Becomes Fastest 100 million Grosser In Pakistan.

As per estimates, Avengers Endgame has collected 14.5 crore approx over the Weekend. Below is the list of all the records created by Avengers Endgame. List will be updated once the actual numbers of Avengers: Endgame come in.

Opening Day:-

Avengers: Endgame.. 4.55 crore
Sultan.. 3.4 crore

Single Day:-

Avengers Endgame Day Two.. 5.5 crore
Sultan Day Two.. 4.08 crore

Opening Weekend:-

Avengers: Endgame.. 14.5 crore
Sultan.. 11.25 crore

Fastest To 50 Million:-

Avengers: Endgame.. 2 Days
Sultan.. 2 Days

Fastest To 100 Million:-

Avengers: Endgame.. 2 Days
Sultan.. 3 Days

Biggest Day Two:-

Avengers: Endgame.. 5.5 crore
Sultan.. 4.08 crore

Biggest Day Three:-

Avengers: Endgame.. 4.5 crore
Sultan.. 3.75 crore

Live Feed of Avengers Endgame

All opening boxoffice records were previously held by Sultan and Avengers: Endgame has beaten them with big margins. If film had seen a release in its dubbed version then this lead would have been even bigger.


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