Pakistan has a rich film heritage. The old age cinema produced several historical classics which have became our pride and honor over the years. Among so many treasured films, it is truly difficult to pick out five. However, we have been asking our film industry’s veterans to share their top picks with us.

This time, Epk got a hold of the legendary film director Altaf Hussain and asked him to share which Punjabi films have been his all time favorite!

The veteran director has made a lot of contributions to the Pakistani Cinema. The veteran director was a disciple of the illustrious film director Anwar Kemal Pasha.

Altaf Hussain’s first directorial “Panchi te Pardesi” came out in 1969. He gave his first hit in 1981 namely “Athra Puttar”. The same year saw the release of his all time best film Sala Sahab, which ran for more than two years in Lahore’s cinemas.

Sahib Jee was another diamond jubilee super hit film on his credit. The director has several prominent films such as Qudrat, Lawaris, Dhee Rani, Mehndi, Nageena, Rani Beti Raj Karay gi, Sahib Jee, Dulhan Banti Hayn Naseebon Walian, Ik Gunah Aur and others under his belt.

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The Five best Punjabi films as per director Altaf Hussain are as follows:

Heer Ranjha

Heer Ranjha was a super hit in 1970. The film starred Firdous and Ejaz in lead roles.

Dhee Rani

Dhee Rani was Altaf Hussain’s directorial. The film emerged a super hit at the boxoffice. The film starred Anjuman, Talish, Nanha, Mumtaz and others.


Mehndi was another hit film by Altaf Hussain. The film starred Anjuman, Javed Sheikh, Nanha, Rangeela and others.

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Maula Jatt

Directed by Younis Malik and produced by Sarwar Bhatti, Maula Jatt was a super hit. It starred Sultan Rahi as Maula Jatt and and Mustafa Qureshi as the villain Noori Natt.


Choorian is a crime film directed by Syed Noor & produced by Haji Faqir Mohammad. Film stars Moammar Rana and Saima in lead roles.

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