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Disney just dropped the latest trailer of Marvel’s Avengers : Endgame. Trailer is 2 mins and 29 secs long and it compiles several nostalgic moments from Marvel’s iconic superhero films. The trailer reintroduces the heroes to us, reminding us of their origin and giving us a sentimental recap of how it all began!

Although the trailer is a series of recollections, reinstating what we already know however it still is highly emotional and gripping. The trailer fast forwards to the current situation and tells us that its the endgame now which truly leaves us teary eyed.

The immensely emotional recap ends with a statement that amaze and stirs us as we hear Tony Stark say “Before we die, we still have one promise to keep. If we can’t protect the earth, you can be darn sure we’ll avenge it.”

The superheroes are ready to sacrifice themselves and if this isnt emotional enough, to wrap it up, Captain America says, “Whatever it takes!”

We also see Captain Marvel right at 60th Second for the first time in trailer as we hear the dialogue , “We need heroes” indicating that Captain Marvel is the help which has arrived.

Avengers: Endgame is only 10 days away from its release and this trailer has surely evoked us. Marvel has shown shots of all of their 21 films of Marvel Cinematic Universe in just one trailer. The trailer already has over 150k likes in just an hour and its dislikes are under 1k which clearly shows how big response the trailer is getting.


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