The much loved drama has come to an end. The drama had gotten a bit slow and some issues were rather being dragged in unnecessary. However in the last episode they did something sensible as Badar decided to confront Geeti.

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However Geeti gets offended at the way she is inquired and refuses to clarify. Zafar is also shown his place by Iqbal which was long time coming. Fareeha continues to be annoying and intrusive, but she faces the consequences of her actions as well, which is truly satisfying to watch.

Hira Mani adn Haroon Shahid

Zafar and Firdous are caught in their theft and as a result get thrown out of the house. This was long time coming and it was relieving to see such toxic characters thrown out of the drama finally.

Sameer’s last desperate attempt goes in vain as well. He turned out to be the most disliked character of the drama. Badar’s lie and character assassination of Geeti also comes forward finally , something we had hoped would be addressed instead of being shoved under the carpet. However at the end of it all Geeti forgives him.

Geeti’s mother Nafeesa was one of the most likable character of the drama besides the protagonists. She was such a positive portrayal of a step-mother that has ever been in drama.

Hira Mani and Affan Waheed

What really stood out were the strong dialogues delivered by Badar and Geeti throughout the course of the drama. The dialogues were what made the story meaningful and loved.

6 Scenes We Absolutely Loved in Do Bol

The story was also well spread out among all the characters which maintained the balance in the drama. All characters were well incorporated and this makes the story more credible and relatable.

The pace of the last episode was well maintained and it managed to wrap up all the matters nicely. The color grading and lighting of the drama gave a very soft tone to the serial. The story was surely a simple and beautiful love story . The strong script was without doubt its strongest suit. The actors did justice to the script. The ending was satisfying and fair, but we are sad to see the drama leave so soon!


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