Writer Zafar Miraj has taken it upon himself to shine light on social issues and has been quite successful in doing so. On the other hand director Kashif Nisar is able to induce soul in the script of Zafar Miraj. Lashkara, starring Mohsin Abbas Haider, Ushna Shah and Imran Ashraf is a reflection of where we stand as a society. Sadly, uneducated and illiterate.

Lashkara had some very distinct twists and turns in the last few episodes. It mirrored a most of our issues and no matter how modern a part of our society is, these issues still prevail in the less developed parts of our country. Men, with their fragile egos, oppress women they are associated to. They fail to provide protection to women, so they blame women for things they have no hold over. In episode 17, even when Bubbly insisted to let her work and earn for herself, nobody let her. With her troubled married life and the problems it carried, all of her family blamed her and some even pointed fingers. It reflects how in Pakistan, no matter how big or small the issue is, the victim is always the one to blame. It depicts how a woman has no home. She doesn’t belong to her maternal home and nor do her in-laws love her like their own. Women like bubbly roam around with no identity. Brothers, fathers and even husbands take it upon their honour and try to find every little detail they can to pressure women and make themselves feel like the superior one.

In episode 18, Bubbly was an innocent girl who had done nothing but her brother decided to kick her out of her house on the basis of a lie. Sunny interfered in the matter and created a scene in Feekas house in order to prove Bubblys innocence. He created an extraordinary example for all lovers. In the end, all misconceptions were cleared and it was out in the open that Bubbly was innocent. Men in our society take everything in their hands which results in a lot of problems and crime that we see today in Pakistan. We should trust the women in our families or any females around us. A little faith goes a long way. The drama also breaks a huge stereotype amongst us that material things are necessary for a marriage to work when that is not the case.

Stay tuned to find out about more about Lashkara. It airs every Sunday on ARY Digital!


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