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Written by: Maimona Khursheed

Directed by: Amna Nawaz & Sajid Kashmiri

Produced by: MD Production

The 7th episode of “Lamhay” brought with it, an amusing change. Alina confesses to Bibi Jaan (Hashir’s mother) that she is only Hashir’s wife on papers. The tables have turned on Hashir himself. Bibi jaan who is much relieved now, plans to conspire with Alina into keeping this new revelation a secret from Hashir. She plans to use it against him, in order to bind him to the family.

The episode starts, as Hashir comes home in a drunken state and scares Alina with his misbehavior. Alina who goes to seek protection with Bibi jaan comes under her scrutiny. Bibi jaan wonders, why a wife would need to run away from her husband. This is how the Pandora’s Box is opened. Alina decides to leave the job as Hashir’s misconduct makes her fear for her safety. She also comes under pressure from Bibi jaan, and hence reveals the truth.

Hashir remains skeptical with Alina throughout the episode. There is growing animosity and mistrust between the two. Hashir has been cynical of Alina ever since Bibi jaan mentions that Alina has agreed to make him accept his first wife. Therefore, Hashir has predicted some sort of arrangement between Alina and Bibi jaan, which now actually exists. Staying true to his cynical character, Hashir is seen passing several remarks on Alina in this episode, claiming that Alina is a deceiving woman. He claims that being from the lower class, Alina would never leave because she wants money.

Shaz Khan, played a nice guy in Yakeen Ka Safar. He portrayed a hopeless romantic with a reserved persona who was a man of not many words. In comparison his shift to this character who is an aloof, happy-go-lucky man with a bad boy persona is quite interesting. It goes to show how versatile he can be. Shaz Khan, as Hashir is much more noticeable as a character than barrister Daniyal in Yakeen Ka Safar, both because he is now the main lead and also because he is able to showcase his acting skills better in this drama.

Meanwhile in this episode, Bibi jaan tells Alina to not leave the job and complete her contract with Hashir. She tells her to let Hashir remain in ignorance for what she believes is the greater good of the family. It is interesting to see, where the drama would go from here. Hashir is currently a husband to three women. Bibi jaan is beginning to like Alina because she told the truth. Given this, she may not want Alina to leave either. Alina ends up continuing her job, which further strengthen Hashir’s belief, that Alina simply wants money. Let’s see what happens next.


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