Cinema goers are in for a treat with the ultimate cinema experience that is coming their way. We are going to introduce to you Ali Sheikh CEO of Boulevard 57 and a real game changer for the cinema industry. Talking to EPK he told us that he loves watching movies and his grandfather owned a cinema back in the day. His love for movies inspired him to get involved in the cinema business.

He ventured into the business even though he had no background in the area. However he has done his homework.  He went around the globe to get the best cinema experience that is out there. The countries that he traveled to  included Dubai, USA , Indonesia, Malaysia and various countries in Europe. After absorbing the best that is out there he came back to Pakistan and designed his model for the cinema. He has put together a good team with whom he shared his insights from his extensive research. The team includes graduates of Lums and more.

We were intrigued to find out if there is anything new that he is bringing to the industry? We already have state of the art cinemas in Lahore so what sets this project apart?

Turns out the young lad is a man with a vision. He is bringing the first ever platinum screen to Pakistan. The cinema will have a full fledged butler service. Also the location of the project is Main Boulevard Lahore where there is no such cinema. So that was another gap this project would fill.

Well this would be quite interesting and we would love to see how the project turns out!


Watch Ali Sheikh’s exclusive interview here:


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